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Payday Loan Collections and Bad Check Laws

A 50 State Guide of Rights & Remedies. A credit professional's 50 state guide to rights and remedies upon the receipt of a dishonored check.

When a bank advises that a customer's check has failed to clear because of insufficient funds, there are well-defined steps to take. This guide is expertly written to assist you in collecting your funds. Each state has explicit rules that must be adhered to and when followed will more often than not yield a satisfactory result for the holder of the bad check. This report includes a template letter for each state with the specific language to enable you to secure your funds.

Get our Payday Loan Bible to access evrything you need to know for maximizing your success with payday loan collections

Payday Loan Check Recovery & Check Collections

Collections are certainly one of the keys to success in the payday loan industry. Payday advance companies must be competent in check collections in order to achieve maximum return-on-investment. Your ability to recover returned checks requires knowledge. You must treat everyone with respect and work within the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, & the National Automated Clearing House. You can collect checks using any of the following methods: letters, phone calls, account monitoring, bank collections, skip tracing, attorney correspondence, electronic check re-presentment, electronic funds transfer, credit reporting, and national check verification. Payday loan companies must use a combination of collection methods & tactics to produce optimal results. There is no single method that can do it all. Advances in technology such as electronic re-presentment & electronic funds transfer are simply additional tools used by collection professionals to increase collection success.

Should you require specific help in the area of check collections, we offer you an invitation to review a special program that targets the payday loan industry. For specific information, fill out the short form at the bottom of this page.

Payday Loan Program - Check NSF Guarantee - Description

1.We hook up a check scanner to an existing credit card terminal or we can provide a stand-alone check reader.

2.When a customer presents a personal check as collateral for a payday loan, you will run the check through our scanner. We will electronically read the account information off of the magnetic ink at the bottom of the check. We'll compare that information against our nationwide database to make sure they have a clean check-writing history. Most bad payroll checks will be caught right here. If they currently have any bad checks outstanding, we will decline the check. On this first scan, you will NOT enter the loan amount. This first scan is merely to confirm that their check writing history is clean at that time. You will only be charged a transaction fee on this scan, not a percentage fee. We will scan the check again before it is deposited into the bank.

3.When the loan is due and before the check is deposited in the bank, we ask that you again scan the check and this time you will enter the check/loan amount. This will confirm that the check-writer's history is still clean and that the check amount is guaranteed as well.

4.When the approval number reads out on the terminal display, we ask that you write it on the check along with five identifiers, which are: The check presenters name, physical address, 2 phone numbers with area code, and either a Drivers License number or a Social Security number. You will then ask the check presenter to place a thumbprint on the front of the check. You are done and your check is then guaranteed.

5.When the check goes to the bank, if it's good, then of course it stays there. If it is bad, your bank will forward it to us. As long as you have written all of the above information on the check, we will send you a check for 100% of the value of the check within 30 days. Whether or not we collect!

6.If you have not written all of the information on the check, we will have a much more difficult time collecting the check. Without all of the required information, we will pay you 70% of the face value of the check upon collection.

For more information, Email:

Trihouse Enterprises, Inc.
601 East Charleston Blvd., Suite 100
Las Vegas, Nevada USA 89104
702-208-6736 Office

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