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Learn to comply now before itís too late and you find your company out of compliance. Our simple step-by-step process makes continued compliance with the new law easy and worry-free.





The privacy law, known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Modernization Act of 1999 (the "Act") affords consumers new federal privacy protections (Title V) which apply to a wide range of entities that come within the Actís definition of a "financial institution". Your activity as a Payday Loan Company brings your company within the Actís definition of a "financial institution". Beginning July 1, 2001, all Payday Loan Companies must implement procedures to protect the privacy of their customers. In addition, all Payday Loan Companies must provide a Privacy Statement to all of its customers. A Payday loan Companyís Privacy Statement must fully comply with the Act and the specialized rules issued by the Federal Trade Commission.

Learn to comply quickly with the law as directed by our newly updated Payday Loan Manual. The Manual includes everything you need to know about the law tailored for the Payday Loan industry. Also, the Manual allows you to review your procedures for complying with several of the other important laws which affect your company.

Be prepared to prove compliance next time the state auditors stop by your store. Follow the easy three steps explained so that all of your customers receive a proper Privacy Statement. This manual is so easy to understand that your company will be ready to begin providing your customers with a copy of your Privacy Statement the next day after purchasing the manual.

You could hire your attorney and pay her hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to review the intricacies of the law and the lengthy rules issued by the Federal Trade Commission. Or more simply you could obtain the Manual which has been specially tailored to the Payday Loan industry. In fact, many Payday Loan Companies in neighboring areas have already followed the easy steps laid out in the Manual. These companies, by following the easy steps in the Manual and have privacy safeguards in place and are now providing a specially tailored Privacy Statement to all of their customers.

Donít fall behind in your Companyís compliance with this new federal law. Purchase the Manual Now. The Payday Manual covers the following topics:

  • Privacy Notice Requirements
  • Distinguishing "Consumers" from "Customers"
  • Identifying the Categories of Information you Collect
  • How to Provide Notice of Your Privacy Statement
  • Limits on Disclosure of Customer Information
  • Privacy Notices on Your Companyís Website
  • Safeguarding Customerís Personal Information
  • Identifying the Categories of Information you Disclose
  • Sharing of Customer Information with Affiliates
  • Sharing of Customer Information with Non-Affiliates
  • Implementing Opt Out Procedures for Sharing of Information
  • Joint Marketing Arrangements
  • Anticipated Sharing of Information
  • Optional Statements in Your Privacy Statement
  • Security Measures to Ensure Compliance
  • Providing Notices to Different Classes of Customers
  • Making Changes to Your Privacy Statement


Have a Privacy Statement and Safeguard Procedures ready tomorrow. Let us do the work for you so you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

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