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Books on fake id, caller id, id, fake id template, new id Books on fake id, caller id, id, fake id template, new id

The Paper Trip III
The Master Guide to New Identity

The need for new identity has never been greater. Big Brother now works with hundreds of privately owned data bases that track and control millions of names in their files, specifically, your name.

Credit bureaus and other reporting services often victimize innocent people as they trade profitably in your "private" information. Identity theft has become an easy game for scammers, thanks to information brokers who gladly sell your records.

Big Brother adds to the abuse by demanding Social Security Numbers , now even on drivers licenses. A new federal law is set to require a "unique health identifier" for all health records. If this law is imposed, Americans will be forced to have a first-ever National ID.

We oppose this Nazi-minded effort to control records by an "i.D. Number." We don't believe Americans want to be "numbered" by any government. And we certainly don't want others, public or private, to "know all about us" with just a few keystrokes.

Our solution to these emerging problems is The Paper Trip III. The Paper Trip III is your guide to dealing with Big Brother and living the life you really want. The solution is creating Alternate Identity. The Paper Trip III reveals the many secrets of Alternate Identity and how it can help you:

  • Eliminate problems from negative records.
  • Avoid complications from other knowing too much about you.
  • Create secure, low profile privacy for yourself and your property.
  • Become "invisible" to investigators who want to sue you.
  • Start life over -- safely -- with new friends, somewhere else.

The Paper Trip III helps you create exactly the kind of Alternate Identity you need.

The Paper Trip III provides methods that are easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to use. You will be amazed at how many ways Alternate Identity can serve you. Best of all, Alternate Identity will quickly and effectively put you back in control of you own life.

The Paper Trip III offers 15 detailed chapters that explore every aspect of Alternate Identity and how it can work for you:

  • Establish ID on Three Levels for maximum privacy and security.
  • Use the Three Levels of ID to "compartmentalize" your life.
  • Identity theft is easy to do, hard to stop. Protect yourself.
  • Make your records "invisible" and "unknown" to databases.
  • Handling mail and telephone with Three Levels of your ID.
  • How to live in your new ID: Jobs, Banking, Residence, Education, Medical, Auto, Property, Insurance, Travel, Lifestyle, etc.
  • Avoid problems from fingerprints and criminal records.
  • How Vital Records offices work. Take advantage of differences.
  • Obtain a new birth certificate from Vital Records with the name and age you want. You will control you new identity.
  • Create new identity using variations among states for issuing drivers licenses and State ID cards. State by State comparisons.
  • The U.S. passport is not always such a great deal. Foreign passports offer advantages, too. Discover new ID beyond the border.
  • Do-it-yourself ID. Easy to get. Easy to do. Many options for quick, inexpensive, and convincing "back-up" ID. Many sources.
  • Social Security Numbers. How to get a new number - legally. Complete analysis of how the SSN is composed (all digits). How to tell valid SSNs; avoid any "dead" SSNs; create alternate SSNs to match your background. When SSA will make your new number "untraceable." Very important information.
  • Be aware of trends and developments affecting ID. Learn what Big Brother is "thinking" today - and possibly doing tomorrow.
  • Our exclusive library of Sources and Resources makes paper tripping possible. Read what we read. Stay informed.

The Paper Trip III is truly the Master Guide to New Identity. You will be able to take advantage of hundreds of ways to put your new identity into practice without making mistakes.

The unique research in The Paper Trip III shows you what to do, how to do it - and what to avoid. The very latest information is ready for you to use today!

Don't wait! Order your copy today! The Paper Trip III will be your own Master Guide to new possibilities and endless benefits.

The Paper Trip III will work for you!!   124 pages.  #901   $29.95

Encyclopedia of Revenge

ID by Mail UP678

The no questions asked source for Birth certificates, social security cards, city ID's, press cards, Diplomas, credentials of almost any kind including badges and police ID's. This guide lists all the companies, by name and address, doing business through the mail.
  • Photo ID cards, state ID cards, Student ID cards
  • Birth certificates, Baptismal certificates, SSN's, ...
  • Badges and police ID, Canadian ID, union memberships, press clubs...
  • Do-it-yourself photo ID kits: kinds avail. and sources
  • Diplomas, blank degrees, addresses of diploma mills...
  • Sources of ministerial credentials, military certificates...
The perfect complement to our other ID books. 64 pages of where and how to get them...No questions asked. A real top secret source list for only $ 21.95 UP678

How to Get a Green Card UP537

4th edition! Revised November 1999. A clear, step-by-step guide to living & working in America. Legal ways to stay in the USA. The most up to date guide to US immigration available, this book clearly explains all the ways to qualify for a green card. The book provides insider advice on how to work with the INS, how to prepare and present all the right documents and what to expect every step of the way. Includes the latest forms with completed samples and instructions. 368 page report is Price: $ 39.95

Applying for a Green Card?
Read Ihis Book First
The U.S. immigration system is an enormous bureaucracy. It's vital that you understand all the requirements for getting a green card before starting your application-making a mistake can ruin your chances forever.

How to Get a Green Card is the insider's guide you need to get a green card. Written by fonner lNS attorney Loida Lewis and immigration expert Len Madlansacay, the book explains the best ways to work with the INS, how to prepare and present all the right documents, and what to expect every step of the way.

    Learn the quickest way to get a green card through:
  • youur employer
  • your husband, wife or fiance'(e)
  • your profession
  • your parents, brothers, sisters and adult children
    Understand how to:
  • invest in the U.S. and qualify for an entrepreneur green card
  • qualify for political asylum or refugee status
  • get Labor Certification for a domestic worker
  • get a green for an adopted child

Thoroughly updated, How to Get a Green Card als0 1ists hundreds of immigration groups that will help you with the paperwork and offer counseling and legal referral.

Includes the latest forms with completed samples & instructions

"This book provides a nuts-and-bolts guide on obtaining a green card to work and live in the United States... A definitive book that is also easy to read."
Orange County Register

..... a light in the Immigration and Naturalization Service bureaucratic tunnel... highly recommended."
Library Journal

"Though many how-to books on the process have been published, none have come with better credentials than this to-date, well-presented guide."
The Irish Herald

new identity theft, new id

Who Are You, The Encyclopedia of Personal Identification

The first book to reveal the tricks and truths of the identity game from all sides of the board! Over 300 pages detailing step-by-step instructions on how to change your identity or simply disappear from public record all together.Details how people Learn how to steal, fabricate, or protect any identity, and find out exactly how the government and a number of private companies are infringing on your rights - and how to stop them!

Who Are You? not only draws from the unique writing skills and knowledge of Scott French, it also incorporates insider information from experts ranging from FBI and customs agents to top graphic artists , offshore attorneys, master thieves, and professional sharks.

  • How to steal anyone's identity
  • How to prevent your ID from being stolen
  • How to get a driver's license even if yours is suspended
  • How to make great IDs on a home computer
  • How to read and verify any check
  • How to manufacture checks on a home computer
  • Where to buy the best fake ID in the world
  • How to make holograms and state seals
  • How to open a bank account without a Social Security number
  • How to open an untraceable offshore ATM account
  • How to get a second passport
  • How to get a "real" birth certificate
  • 37 1/2 ways to get anyone's Social Security number
  • How to read and verify any Social Security number and earnings record
  • How to create a complete ancillary ID package
  • How credit cards are forged, stolen, and used
  • How to tell if a credit card is real as well as what bank issued it
  • How to get anybody's mother maiden name
  • How to find (or verify) mail drops
  • How to read vehicle tags
  • How to build a "legend" Jimmy Hoffa would be proud of
  • How the government can easily track the "new" currency
  • How to tell if any ID is real
  • How new credit agency programs are designed to catch ID abusers
  • How to safeguard your privacy, every minute of the day
  • How the IRS spots phony/forged receipts
PLUS sources, Web sites, rules, regulations, tips, techniques, and state-of-the-art information that will change the way you do business and the way you live your life! Copyright 2000 Price: $ 47.95  340 pages, 8 1/2 X 11,  Illustrated.

How to Change Your Identity 
& Erase Bad Credit 

by James J. Doolin 
ATTENTION: Buy this book and you may confer with the author, Jim Doolin !
He will include his phone number with your copy of his book. There is no charge for this other than your call to him in Texas.
fake id, caller id, id, fake id template, id software, id card - Part 1 -

How to Change Your Identity and Erase Bad Credit is a 56 page instruction manual which contains examples and step by step instructions on completing the process. You will learn how to counterfeit birth certificates and other documents in order to obtain legitimate ID, social security cards, driver licenses, etc. Written by James J. Doolin, who had three separate identities and provided new identities for illegal aliens from 1993-1997. 
- Part 2 -
If you have bad credit and are unable to rent an apartment, buy a car, or get a loan chances are this book can help you. Denise Scott explains how to falsify a ‘release letter’ from a collection agency so that you may send to the credit bureau showing that you have paid for any delinquent accounts or charge-offs which may appear on your credit report without you actually having to pay for the account. It takes about 30 days for the credit bureau to update your report once the information is received. Example release letters are included. 
- Part 3 -
Discusses how to profit on the exchange of Canadian Travelers Cheques . 

Price $25  56 pages. Product No. JD902   8 1/2 X 11

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Books on fake id, caller id, id, fake id template, new id Books on fake id, caller id, id, fake id template, new id


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